martedì 26 agosto 2008


SaveHorses is a "no kill" horse rescue facility. Our opinion is that no horse should ever be euthanized unless determined absolutely necessary by a veterinarian. Our objective is to rescue all unwanted, distressed, abused and neglected horses, and provide horse retirement or horse adoption options for our beloved friends. Our equine rescue facility exists and is maintained strictly on donations and any help is greatly appreciated.

All donations, questions, comments, suggestions are welcome:
P.O. Box 562
Lockeford, CA 95237
By e-mail: Trainer: Richard Aplaca - (916) 682-1364A special "Thank you" to Mr. Richard Aplaca our volunteer trainer. From Mustangs and Warmbloods to colts and older horses, Richard truly has the "gift". He is a kind and gentle trainer that produces, and guarantees results. He is currently riding an eight-year-old Mustang, Buster, who we were told by several different trainers could not be trained. Webmaster: I am currently on ICQ. UIN: 12935757 I welcome all talk about horses and I can direct your questions about the SaveHorses organization. I can also take questions or comments about this website.
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